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Morgenfrisk, Morkiss and 214 other words brand managers need to learn

Morgenfrisk, Morkiss and 214 other words brand managers need to learn

There are 216 foreign words that describe feelings that English can’t find a word for. Some, like schadenfreude, you might know; others, like schnapsidee (German for coming up with an ingenious plan when drunk) may be less familiar – though equally useful.

Psychologist Dr Tim Lomas researches such words, compiling his findings so far here, in a list that has amazing potential for brand managers.

Used to fighting over the ownership of well-known positive feelings, brand folk can now help themselves to Tim’s new lexicon. But who should go for what? Here are a few top-line suggestions for starters…


Language: Danish
Definition: feeling rested after a good night’s sleep
Who should use it? Silentnight, Travelodge
Initiative: Pop-up bedrooms giving people the chance to spend the night in a Silentnight bed; a whole campaign for Travelodge


Language: Dutch
Definition: feeling homesick for a place you haven’t been to
Who should use it? Air bnb
Initiative: Airbnb are all about home away from home – and as a global brand, playing with languages fits right in. Fernweh could just be a one of many words they use to encourage the travel bug in their audience…


Language: Finnish
Definition: Embarrassment and shame at one’s drunken antics the previous night, and the accompanying dread/confusion about what one might have done.
Who should use it? Berocca
Initiative: Just the thing for a clever, Christmas-season campaign

Fear: the next big emotive device?

Fear: the next big emotive device?